Creating Memories & Friendships that last a Lifetime


Our dedicated staff members are Camp McConnell’s most valuable asset. From the moment your child arrives, our camp professionals are focused on making sure that your children have the time of their lives! They exemplify the YMCA’s core values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Faith.

A well-trained, enthusiastic staff is key to a positive camping experience. Camp McConnell staff are chosen for their maturity, skills, patience, enthusiasm and desire to be good role models for children. We believe that the campers that come to Camp McConnell are shaped by those around them. Our purpose is to surround the campers with staff who have a strong values system, possessing strong moral character and the enthusiasm to have fun. All of our staff attends an extended training session that focuses on child safety, effective camp leadership, programming, homesickness, character development, discipline, age development characteristics, facilitating fun activities and their place as models for your children.

Jerry ( J-Dawg ) Hughes


Can you taste it? The first batch of chicken is in the fryer, homemade biscuits are in the oven and the smell of desert fills the Kitchen. Soon my friends, we will all gather in the Dining Hall to welcome back our returning campers, meet new campers and share in the excitement each new summer and session brings.

As Operations Director, it is my duty to make sure that the facilities at McConnell are the best for your camper. We have worked hard over the winter to make some improvements to the facility that we think our campers will enjoy. I also am responsible for the kitchen and meals here at McConnell. You can rest assured that the same quality meals that have been “camper approved” over the years will be here for your child.

As the father of 4 boys and grandfather of 2 boys, I know the important role camp has played in their lives both as adults, and parents. I hope to help all of our campers grow into the positive role models that I have seen my children become. With over 34 years of experience at Camp McConnell I am able to work with our campers and staff to help make sure their time spent here is the best time possible.